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*** NEW!!!! *** Feb 2017

Web form for buckling analysis of stiffened plates.Click here.

*** NEW!!!! ***

Analysis of Buckling and Strength of perforated plates (with reinforcement).Click here.

*** NEW!!!! ***

Web access to 48 software!! Run online your jobs! No installation needed.Click here.

Nonuniform, nonhomogeneus composite plate analysis (with longitudinals). BETA version released. Learn more here.

Non linear version under development: Postbuckling analysis of composite shells

48 software

Composite and Metallic stiffened shell analysis


We create innovative analysis software so you can focus on product innovation.

We have expertise in Aerospace engineering but we provide analysis software that also can be used in marine, railroad and civil engineering.

It is especially suitable for the analysis of vehicles where weight saving and optimization is a must.

48 is available now for you to analyse structural stiffened shells and plates under complicated load conditions: in plane and lateral loads.

Let us explain it to you!

Want to know more about 48 current capabilities? Write our engineering team to know how to apply the software to your designs.

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Access to the software online right now! The User Manual can be downloaded here.

Evolving for you

We are currently developing a version with new features This version can be used to analyse the stability of nonuniform plates (isotropic and layered composite). This is commonly found in optimized designs as those of the aerospace industry.

Complicated in plane loads can be considered in these analyses.

NX flow


The output data is in the form of text files that can be easily represented in graphic form using Scilab or Paraview scripts provided with the software.

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