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Nonuniform, nonhomogeneus composite plate analysis (with longitudinals). BETA version released. Learn more here.

Non linear version under development: Postbuckling analysis of composite shells

48 software

Composite and Metallic stiffened shell analysis

Stiffened Isotropic Panels Elastic Buckling Analysis

Evaluation (limited) version.

Much more types of analysis and boundary conditions available using the input file run. No limitations in the licensed version


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Job title:

Panel length, a:

Panel width, b:

Panel Elastic Modulus, E:

Panel Poison's ratio, nu:

Panel Thickness, t:

Stringer data (equally spaced identical stringers - longitudinal stiffeners - only):

Number of stringers:

Stringer area, As:

Stringer centroid y coord:

Stringer centroid z coord:

Stringer inertia moment Iyy:

Stringer inertia moment Izz:

Stringer inertia product Iyz:

Stringer Young's modulus, Es:

Stringer Torsion modulus, GJs:

Stringer Density, rhos:

Ring data (equally spaced identical rings - transversal stiffeners - only):

Number of rings:

Ring area, Ar:

Ring centroid y coord:

Ring centroid z coord:

Ring inertia moment Iyy:

Ring inertia moment Izz:

Ring inertia product Iyz:

Ring Young's modulus, Er:

Ring Torsion modulus, GJr:

Ring Density, rhor:


Boundary conditions along length edges:

Boundary conditions along width edges:


Longitudinal flow, Nx:

Transversal flow, Ny:

Shear flow, Nxy:

Run your job :

File name:

Download the user manual here.

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